April 8, 2018

I was quoting Ashford and Simpson then changed to  Prudential Insurance company... When mentioning the word "solid" in regards to a family, I am referring to the Couple, Mom and Dad, Him and Her. A solid foundation is detrimental in a family. Here are some ways you can...

April 8, 2018

As the days become longer and Spring blooms upon us, we want to bestow a more positive light upon the role of being a Stepmom especially with Mother's Day coming next month. Its the bitter with the sweet. Its such an important role in a blended family yet the least app...

January 15, 2018

Happy 2018! 
This is our first blog of the new year and it comes right on time! As the temperatures drop across the nation so can our energy levels and moods. With all of the activities in our busy schedules and new years resolutions to pursue, we can't afford to slow...

June 21, 2017

     Yes, you are not alone. It is tough to parent a "tough kid". Lets define a "tough kid"...

The kid who was colicky as an infant, hard to soothe.

The kid who as a toddler was running the moment he/she stood up and has never really stopped.

The kid who started...

May 29, 2017

     When you think of self-care you tend to think of setting aside more time to engage in and plan for such activities as getting an hour long massage, taking a few days vacation, or joining a health inspired "no nonsense" challenge for lifestyle change. But actually,...

May 3, 2017

Self-care, what exactly is it? According to Wikipedia, Self-Care is a necessary human regulatory function that is deliberate and self-initiated. There has been a huge push to develop a self-care regimen and for good reason.

On the American Psychological Association webs...

February 3, 2017

Are you a parent, who still has children at home going through the everyday woes of parenting AND you are an adult child, who is thrown into parenting your own parent? Welcome to what they call "The Sandwich Generation". 

It is bittersweet. Your grown- yeah! You finishe...

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August 17, 2018