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Let's Heal

So...2020. Its brought us so much hope on January 1st. With all of the trauma that followed that date. It has been a global traumatic experience for everyone, its time for us to heal.

Healing is messy. Healing is hard. Healing is necessary. Healing is intentional.

There are many ways to heal. Sometimes, separating yourself from the source can help you heal. In other cases, the element of time allows for you to heal from what you've gone through. However, many times, it takes work and it takes trying to heal on purpose in order to make real progress.

Different circumstances can trigger the source of your on-going pain when you do not deal with it properly: Grief, Childhood Trauma, Abandonment, Anger, Disappointment, Rejection, Loss, etc . The pain you continue to mask, what you thought you covered up enough to forget will resurface.

You are here. Its O.K. not to feel O.K. right now. You will be triggered. Healing is an ongoing process with no specific timeline. You can choose to cope with what your feeling or you can choose to ignore it.

Good news! You are not alone. We have developed a personal journal to help you start your healing journey. We have also prepared a webinar to help to take you through the process with therapeutic practices, together. Check out our workshop for more guidance in practice!

We hope this helps you to begin your emotional healing journey like it has helped us. There is a relief, a renewal about facing your giants and learning new coping skills. Be intentional. Your journey, your positive steps.

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